Culture is a norm of life shared by a defined group of people, nation, organizations. It is an integrated system of shared values, norms, beliefs, traditional practices, symbols and processes.
Entrepreneurship relates to the provision of sustainable, creative and innovative solutions to human needs. Entrepreneurship is synonymous with the delivery of sustainable solutions to human needs,customer satisfaction,exploitation of opportunities,and the transformation of Ideas and things into valuable goods and services in a profitable and sustainable manner.
Entreprenuership activities form capital and create wealth.
The entrepreneurship ecosystem is multifaceted consisting of family,society,social groups and institutions,educational institutions,companies, media and work places,democratic institution and others.
All these combine to create an enabling and empowering economic environment.
Critical sucess factors for entrepreneurs include, Passion and commitment,Financial discipline and literacy, Customer centricity,knowledge and technology, networking with business partner, strategic thinking and willpower,social intelligent and Social responsibility.

Some of the stumbling blocks for youth in entrepreneurship are the desire for wealth with no work,business without ethics, behaviour without integrity, desire for free things
pleasure without morals,lack of faith an who they are and In their potential and a life without God.

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