Zimbabwe: To be or not to be

by Rumbidzai MashavaveZimbabwe-flagIn 2003, the now late Myles Munroe wrote this message to Third World Countries and today as we draw near to the Zimbabwean Elections, we need visionary leaders to lead the nation of Zimbabwe to be the bread basket with good health and population indicators that it was once before and still have the potential to be.

Where there is no vision, the people perish” could describe many of the developing Third World nations, were successive governments are challenged by a lack of a national pride, a poor work ethic, a culture of corruption, and their citizenry’s loss of hope. Many of the political, civic, and religious leaders of these nations also lack the perspective of a long term vision, approach in governing and leadership. For most of the leaders, survival, suspision, protectionism, and self- preservation are their primary motivators. A restoration of the visionary spirit and the capacity to dream is imperative.

A lack of visionary leaders has contributed to the state of many of these developing nations. It is my hope that this new century will produce a new breed of leaders who are motivated by a sense of purpose and will exercise visionary leadership that inspires confidence and trust among the people. We need leaders to promote national visions that can birth the creative capacity of personal visions

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