Lessons from my mentor: Part 0

by Rumbidzai Mashavave


I am a visionary, I write concept notes for a prospective business or project I find viable and is within my purpose. I am an avid reader with favourites like T.D Jakes, John Maxwell, Tudor Bismark, Myles Munroe, and Robert Kiyosaki. However, I have accumulated concept notes, plans and strategies – some up to three years for lack of implementation, which I can give valid reasons for (my mentor crushed them all though).

However, having the right information is not enough, the power of the information remains potential unless it is used. My mentor to me has been the key between the concept note and the realization of the business, the project and the plan.

As a young woman, there is no need to face obstacles, frustrations, doors closing in my face,  yet someone else has walked through that path and succeeded. There is nothing new under the sun. Mentors are a bridge, a necessity to move forward.

In the spirit of sharing information, I will share some lessons I learnt from my mentor that has helped me move from A to B.

Where to find a mentor?

  1. For young women: Elegant Grind connects young women with mentors https://www.facebook.com/elegantgrind/
  2. Identify the people who are leaders or renound in your area of interest and approach them. All you got to do is ask.
  3.  Probably the simpliest and quickest. Identify what you really want to do with http://designyourlifewithbarbs.ver.st/ . Approach a potential mentor when you have taken the initial step of designing your life with help from a mental transformative mentor. – It is working for me.


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