The New Zimbabwe: Do Something!

by Rumbidzai Mashavave

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New President in 37 years, it is a historic time for Zimbabwe and a time where hope for a better Zimbabwe has been renewed. While we may agree or disagree with His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa choices in leadership, policy changes and action plan. It remains inevitable that things are looking up for Zimbabwe. However, this is at national level.

Things_to_ponderWhat are you doing at an individual level?

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A song by Zimbabwean artist, Blesssing bled Chimanga -“DO SOMETHING” has a clear message that every good thing in life comes when you work hard and you have to do something to be able to get anything in life.

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It resonates with NOW!- We all have a vision and dreams of what we want to achieve in life. The Zimbabwean environment has been cited as a barrier (though some have been doing well regardless). Now that there is change in the process:

Things_to_ponderWhat are you doing to be strategically positioned to access the opportunities that come with the change?

At a youth conference not too long ago, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises noted that it is easier to recognize and integrate youth in business models and link them with investors if they are legalized.  When opportunities do come to the Ministry of SMEs in the form of funding, training or resources in this new Zimbabwe how have you positioned yourself to be considered in such opportunities?

In a separate conference, a young woman did indicate a lack of information on company registration.

Registering a PLC costs USD$150 and a Private Business Corporation costs USD$25. The Companies Registry is located Corner Nelson Mandela and Angwa in Harare. At an additional cost, various consultants are available to assist in the process and documentation:

  1. gives more information and offers consultancy services
  2. Gumiguru Incorporated located on 5th floor Green Bridge Eastgate Harare,Zimbabwe Call/Text: 0772571342 offers consultancy services as well in company registration.

A recurring barrier cited by youth and women in various gatherings is the lack of collateral to access loans.

However, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has since released funding facilities for financial inclusion that promote access to finance with no collateral: The following instruments: The Movable Property Act, Credit Guarantee Scheme, provide opportunities to receive loans against definite orders. Various facilities have been availed which include Women Empowerment and Youth Empowerment.

Feedback from applicants and prospective applicants of these loans have indicated how low the loans are, as little as USD$1000 and is insufficient for a business. I however beg to differ:

 Who (with reason) despise the day of small beginnings…

Zechariah 4:10

In Farming for example- A hectare of Michigan Beans requires an investment of USD$600 and produces a harvest of USD$1900. (Figures obtained from Lion Finance representative at the Women in Energy Conference in October, Harare, Zimbabwe).


Things_to_ponderHow are you contributing towards the change in Zimbabwe as a citizen?

You do not like the way the streets are always filthy. Do you throw your litter in the bin?

It begins with you.

Let us start a conversation- Your thoughts are welcome in the comments.

It begins with you because there is SOMETHING INSIDE of you SO STRONG so DO SOMETHING!

One thought on “The New Zimbabwe: Do Something!

  1. Posetive message… i think this is the message that people in Zimbawe esp the youth need to read more and more. The message which inspires u to makes a difference to your life. Whatsapp of late has been selling fear more in people’s lives. Noone is going to come n do things fo you.Lets seek relevant knowledge n opportunities… Zimbabwe is going forward either way….fear your inability to not to gain more in the process.


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