Lessons from my mentor 2: #2018preps

by Rumbidzai Mashavave

2018 blog

A quality management system (QMS) is the way your organisation directs and controls those activities that are related to achieving its intended results.  An ISO 9001 quality management system is one which is established, implemented maintained and continually improved.

Why have a QMS? – It is a strategic decision- that helps an organisation to improve its overall performance and to provide a sound basis for its sustainable development initiatives. One key feature of the ISO 9001 is continual improvement which emphasizes on checking or performance evaluation.

The same principle applies to life. Periodically  one needs to reflect on the previous step- what went right, what went wrong, how and why? This is essential in informing your next step.

2017 is coming to an end. We need to pause, reflect and take the lessons we have learnt, about ourselves, our strategies and relationships. Take forward what has been successful and leave what has dragged our progress and fed our frustrations. That is the principle of failing forward.

malvinne the vine (3)

Whether you believe in making new years’ resolutions or not  I therefore challenge you fail forward.

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