Enough said- Think!

by Rumbidzai Mashavave


As I was reading Think by Tudor Bismark, at the end of Chapter 1 he asks 2 questions:

Things_to_ponder What would it take to have positive thinking in Africa? 

This question is timely with regards to the regression rather than progress Africa has been experiencing. Just in Zimbabwe, once the bread basket of Africa, desecrated by both man made and natural turn of events,  it is not surprising that there is little hope of Zimbabwe reclaiming that status. This begs the question:

Things_to_ponderWho are Africa’s Societal Re constructors?

A social construct is an idea that has been created and accepted by the people in a society. The constructs shape our lives. But we also shape them. If the existing society changed, new constructs would develop and old ones may weaken.

Some communities in Africa today are highly dependent on aid and believe it is the only way out of poverty. When you visit these communities for social responsibility or as civil society, they expect you to leave t-shirts, food and even a small token in cash for the time they gave you (intended to help them eventually).

Construction takes place in the mind first before it happens in reality – Tudor Bismark

We need societal re constructors that will move us from the negative to the positive, from aid dependent to independent as a nation and as a continent. While industry and political leaders create a name, and at times a fortune for themselves, we need those that further take the nation and the continent with them- instilling positive thinking and rebuilding from within, then we move from there.


stock-vector-recommended-icon- Think by Tudor Bismark

Available at: https://www.amazon.com/Think-Organizing-People-Money/dp/0984194088





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