Black Panther: A Breath of Fresh Air for Africa

by Rumbidzai Mashavave

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The infamous Marvel Black Panther Movie has won the hearts of many, based on its full cast of black people, a black superhero, black strong women in battle and in science according to several reviews. However what caught my attention was at end of the 2 hours and 15 minutes movie.  The King of Wakanda goes to UN and tells the delegates gathered that Wakanda is ready to share with the world what it has to offer.  A question from the floor was raised:

What has a Third World country got to offer the world?

The Cambridge Dictionary describes the Third World country to be

the countries of Africa, South America, and Asia that have less developed industries.

I believe this has been a recurrent question even to this day. In the case of Black Panther, the fictional metal, Vibranium, the rarest metal on earth with vibratory energy was what they had to offer. The metal gave Wakanda the key to such technological advancement the developed world was yet to comprehend. Vibranium, I believe, is equivalent in the real world to the land, minerals, human resource and intellect among other resources that collectively create products that Africa has got to offer to the world.

To reiterate the findings of the World Economic Forum on Africa, Africa exports range from textiles and clothing as the biggest exports in Lesotho, Morocco and Tunisia. Cotton is vital to the economies of Benin, Togo and Mali. In the south and central regions, precious metals and minerals are the biggest exports. This includes gold in Tanzania and South Africa, diamonds in Namibia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and platinum in Zimbabwe. Although this is not new knowledge, a reminder of what we have done and already doing is a reminder of our capacity as nations of Africa.

But it is going to take more than motivation and belief as nationals in Africa. Faith without works is dead. While we cannot ignore the detrimental effects bribery and corruption have had on African economies, we still can build one step at a time.

How we see ourselves as Africa or how the world sees Africa is very important to the way we think and the way we think governs our actions and influences our environmental constructs. A third world country is now predominantly called a developing country.  The Cambridge dictionary defines developing as growing, becoming stronger or more advanced.  Ironically the same dictionary defines a developing country as poorer and has less advanced industries, especially in Africa, Latin America, or Asia.


Would you choose to be defined in comparison to one superior to you or by what is inside of you that is so strong and emerging?

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Africa: Something inside so strong. #BlackPanther

One thought on “Black Panther: A Breath of Fresh Air for Africa

  1. #Wakanda Forever.
    Great article.Amazing how you just shifted from entertainment to what Africa is and is on an economical scale.

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