Cities and the Circular Economy for Food

The benefits of the circular economy in food systems needs to be communicated, understood by policy makers, businesses, civil society and citizens in general.

Circular Economy Startups

A friend just forwarded a post from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation. It contains a deep report on the challenges and strategy needed to build a food system fit for the 21st century and beyond. The report received input from 100+ organizations and actors along the food value chain. City authorities, NGO’s, CEO’s, academics and policymakers crafted the vision. You can find the page here.

Some stunning and distinct messages in the detailed document, regarding problems of the current linear food system, are:

  • Sourcing food grown regeneratively, and locally where appropriate; design and market healthier food products; and making the most of food’s by-products/bio economy; could generate annual benefits worth USD 2.7 trillion by 2050.
  • The negative societal costs from producing food are USD 5.7 trillion each year, as high as those of obesity, malnutrition and other food consumption issues combined.
  • For every USD1 spent on food, USD 2 is…

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