Time to ACT: Circular Food systems

by Rumbidzai Mashavave

In my effort to promote circular food systems, I was interested in making the most of food by using food waste as a source of energy- biogas in urban areas. It is not waste, it’s a resource. A question I was frequently asked was,

There is so much biogas projects implemented by organizations in the rural areas of Zimbabwe (e.g SNV Zimbabwe), why are they not implementing it in urban areas?

There is a major concentration of biogas production using cow dung as the main substrate in the rural areas household and community level. This question comes in the backdrop of worldwide promotion and practice of the circular economy in rural and urban areas worldwide. The evidence presented by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the Cities and Circular Economy for Food report highlights the need and benefits of a circular food system with a focus on cities.  

Africa has embraced the circular economy in different industries. My focus however, is on the food sector- the largest in the world affecting- human and animal health, environment and society at large. While we as Africa have not faced some of the problems high and middle income countries are battling with, that adopting a circular economy would address, such as air pollution. We have non-communicable diseases on the rise that adopting healthy diets would assist in managing them – healthy eating is one of the benefits of adopting a circular food system from creating healthier soils to food choice at consumer level..

There is need to go beyond talking but to ACT-

  • A -Action,
  • C- Collaborate,
  • T- Think.

We need to ACT is a series for information dissemination as well as mapping possible and current circular food initiatives.  

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