Enough said- Think!

by Rumbidzai Mashavave As I was reading Think by Tudor Bismark, at the end of Chapter 1 he asks 2 questions:  What would it take to have positive thinking in Africa?  This question is timely with regards to the regression rather than progress Africa has been experiencing. Just in Zimbabwe, once the bread basket of Africa, desecrated by both man made and natural turn of events,  it is not surprising that there is little hope of Zimbabwe reclaiming that status. This begs the question: Who are Africa’s Societal Re constructors? A social construct is an idea that has been created … Continue reading Enough said- Think!

New World Bank Report Predicts Significant Economic Growth in sub-Saharan Africa in 2018

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The World Bank forecasts global economic growth to edge up to 3.1 percent in 2018 after a much stronger-than-expected 2017, as the recovery in investment, manufacturing, and trade continues. Growth in advanced economies is expected to moderate slightly to 2.2 percent in 2018, as central banks gradually remove their post-crisis accommodation and the upturn in investment growth stabilizes. Growth in emerging market and developing economies as a whole is projected to strengthen to 4.5 percent in 2018, as activity in commodity exporters continues to recover amid firming prices. Growth in the region… Continue reading New World Bank Report Predicts Significant Economic Growth in sub-Saharan Africa in 2018

Street Pepper

The November issue of Street Peeper is out! Inside is an article on Street Vendors- written by Rumbidzai Mashavave, and so many amazing stories with articles about George Munengwa the Pro Air king and the lady defining boundaries in mining Primrose Miga. For a dollar you will receive the October and November issues both plus a bonus Bridal issue for free! Whatsapp on 0775688909 to get details. Ecocash Accepted! Continue reading Street Pepper


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? ? ? Have you ever had pressure coming from all side of life and this pressure keeps on building up on you and sometimes you feel like melting because the pressure is just too much? I used to hate it when I was young how people in the community would call me a boy and I heard people taller than me, they had a deep voice, beard and they would do a lot of things I couldn’t do and people called them man. I had a dream of being called a man one day.… Continue reading BE RESPONSIBLE

African Union and Development Partners Launch 2017 Africa Sustainable Development Report

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The 2017 Africa regional report on Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) assesses the continent’s performance in domesticating and implementing the two development frameworks since their adoption in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The report is the first to simultaneously track progress on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development and Agenda 2063 (and its first ten-year implementation plan). This is possible due to the substantial convergence at the level of goals, targets and indicators. This is illustrated by a mapping of the links between the global and continental initiatives included at… Continue reading African Union and Development Partners Launch 2017 Africa Sustainable Development Report


Culture is a norm of life shared by a defined group of people, nation, organizations. It is an integrated system of shared values, norms, beliefs, traditional practices, symbols and processes. Entrepreneurship relates to the provision of sustainable, creative and innovative solutions to human needs. Entrepreneurship is synonymous with the delivery of sustainable solutions to human needs,customer satisfaction,exploitation of opportunities,and the transformation of Ideas and things into valuable goods and services in a profitable and sustainable manner. Entreprenuership activities form capital and create wealth. The entrepreneurship ecosystem is multifaceted consisting of family,society,social groups and institutions,educational institutions,companies, media and work places,democratic institution … Continue reading Entreprenueship

Why Being Irresolute Stifles Your Growth

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Great ideas will make a great idealist; taking action on great ideas will catapult you to unfathomable success and greatness. Amazing plans have been chronicled as roadmaps to success, but eventually the results may never match the expectations on the blueprint. I always enjoyed penning new goals until I realized that not a single significant milestone was ever attained. Drawing from such experience it became apparent that I was not quick to act on my goals, indecisiveness always rendered me indolent. Despite the great planning and the audacious goals I remained irresolute and stymied. Your pathway… Continue reading Why Being Irresolute Stifles Your Growth