Lessons from my Mentor – 1

by Rumbidzai Mashavave Trying to appear educated and focused I shared with my mentor one of my success habits-reading motivational books. I shared with her this takeaway from Destiny- by T.D. Jakes Focus and prioritize- many opportunities may come your way but you need to determine which ones lead to destiny – T.D.Jakes Mentor: Do you do the above? Me:I am working on it Mentor- How- What is your actual plan toward that? I actually did not have a plan, I was focusing on what will bring me income and applying for any type of job I knew I could … Continue reading Lessons from my Mentor – 1

Lessons from my mentor: Part 0

by Rumbidzai Mashavave I am a visionary, I write concept notes for a prospective business or project I find viable and is within my purpose. I am an avid reader with favourites like T.D Jakes, John Maxwell, Tudor Bismark, Myles Munroe, and Robert Kiyosaki. However, I have accumulated concept notes, plans and strategies – some up to three years for lack of implementation, which I can give valid reasons for (my mentor crushed them all though). However, having the right information is not enough, the power of the information remains potential unless it is used. My mentor to me has been … Continue reading Lessons from my mentor: Part 0

Street Pepper

The November issue of Street Peeper is out! Inside is an article on Street Vendors- written by Rumbidzai Mashavave, and so many amazing stories with articles about George Munengwa the Pro Air king and the lady defining boundaries in mining Primrose Miga. For a dollar you will receive the October and November issues both plus a bonus Bridal issue for free! Whatsapp on 0775688909 to get details. Ecocash Accepted! Continue reading Street Pepper

Zimbabwe: To be or not to be

by Rumbidzai MashavaveIn 2003, the now late Myles Munroe wrote this message to Third World Countries and today as we draw near to the Zimbabwean Elections, we need visionary leaders to lead the nation of Zimbabwe to be the bread basket with good health and population indicators that it was once before and still have the potential to be. Where there is no vision, the people perish” could describe many of the developing Third World nations, were successive governments are challenged by a lack of a national pride, a poor work ethic, a culture of corruption, and their citizenry’s loss … Continue reading Zimbabwe: To be or not to be


Everyone was talking about it, everyone in my circles was just recommending this movie. I came very eagerly, I wanted to watch this movie. It is a very long movie but very educational. If you haven’t watched it. Not long after I watched this movie I loved it and I started using it as […] via FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN — the vine Continue reading FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN — the vine