Reflecting on 2020, taking lessons into 2021

Written by Rumbidzai Mashavave 2020, a mixed bag of loss, hope, pain and a new normal. One where 1.7 million lives were lost to the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide as of 27th of December 2020. Losing a single life, is a great loss on its own. One where technology and biotech were the dominating sectors thanks to Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdown showed us, nothing is permanent. We had the British Airways, BP and Hilton Hotels announcing the laying off over 21,000 jobs collectively and more giants doing the same. We saw Lamborghini and Range Rovers lining up for food banks in the US. Equity … Continue reading Reflecting on 2020, taking lessons into 2021

Covid-19 pandemic – The road to a green recovery

by Rumbidzai Mashavave Lessons learnt from Covid-19 pandemic We are connected globally, maybe more than we realized. Prevention is better than cure. Covid-19 demanded more prevention strategies so an outstanding healthcare system was not enough to fight it. Biotechnology is as important as the Premier League. Most importantly, corona virus lockdowns unintentionally improved air quality. With lock downs easing globally and businesses resuming operations, the road to recovery from Covid-19 is an opportunity to move further away from a linear to a circular economy in the way we do business. To rethink, redesign waste out of the system. One way … Continue reading Covid-19 pandemic – The road to a green recovery