The New Zimbabwe: Do Something!

by Rumbidzai Mashavave New President in 37 years, it is a historic time for Zimbabwe and a time where hope for a¬†better Zimbabwe has been renewed. While we may agree or disagree with His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa choices in leadership, policy changes and action plan. It remains inevitable that things are looking up for Zimbabwe. However, this is at national level. What are you doing at an individual level? A song by Zimbabwean artist, Blesssing bled Chimanga -“DO SOMETHING” has a clear message that every good thing in life comes when you work hard and you have to do … Continue reading The New Zimbabwe: Do Something!

Zimbabwe: To be or not to be

by Rumbidzai MashavaveIn 2003, the now late Myles Munroe wrote this message to Third World Countries and today as we draw near to the Zimbabwean Elections, we need visionary leaders to lead the nation of Zimbabwe to be the bread basket with good health and population indicators that it was once before and still have the potential to be. Where there is no vision, the people perish” could describe many of the developing Third World nations, were successive governments are challenged by a lack of a national pride, a poor work ethic, a culture of corruption, and their citizenry’s loss … Continue reading Zimbabwe: To be or not to be